The Goal

To build and redesign a seamless fun and interactive experience across tap and drag game variants for kids of age groups 3 -8 , to learn and connect with a narrative Disney experience.

My Role

Research on competitor games and learning apps.

To collaborate and improve on the insights from data received for existing games for grades 123.

To create mockups and prototypes for a variety of layouts that followed pedagogical, editorial guidelines and scope of the current tool in unity developed by the game designers.

To create new , better quiz layouts, UI elements and colour palettes.

Manage weekly sprints for art and visual storyboards that were run in parallel collaboration with multiple teams ranging from content, pedagogy, sound and game design.

Crafted for young children aged between 6-8 years, Disney BYJU’S Early Learn app offers personalized, interactive programs featuring Disney’s timeless stories and characters.
Quiz flow
Stage question
Closing narrative
Reward screen
Loop till last stage
Intro/opening narrative
Game Start
Sieger Parking
Clayfin Banking
For a better understanding of learning games, a variety of applications and websites were researched: Unacademy, Playshifu, Khan Academy, Duolingo and many more.
Market Research
UI Design Elements
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

Generic UI elements have been shown above, the colour palette varies with the type of Disney character aligned with the particular quiz

Always down to collaborate and provide useful insights.
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